Character Guide to Les N-Q-S Miserables (or, THHG to Les Mis)

In order of appearance:

The Bishop (TB) - A bishop who lives in a small town in Colorado

Jean ValBeeblebrox (JVB) - Our hero, he's not from Earth. He's actually from Betelgeuse Five and one cool frood. Well, almost. He's being pursued by Inspector Tricia McMillian.

Inspector Tricia McMillian (McM) - She's an Earthling who joined the Galactic Bureau when Earth was destroyed the first time. She's currently in pursuit of the fugitive Jean ValBeeblebrox.

Ford Prefect (FP) - He's ValBeeblebrox's semicousin, and one of his best friends. He's also one cool frood, and has saved Arthur Dent a number of times.

Arthur Dent (AD) - He's an Englishman ('nuff said) who often ends up traveling around with Ford.

Fantine (Fan) - She's Random's mother, who dies tragically

Anne, Josie, Judie, Donald, Mike, Bob and Fred - Fantine's "homies." Donald is the father of Random.

Suzanne and Robert Thénardier (ST and RT) - They are the couple that "raises" Random after she is left with them by Fantine. They are conpeople.

Elizabeth and Alice Thénardier (Eliz and Alice) - They are the daughters of Suzanne and Robert Thénardier.

Random (Rand) - She's Fantine's daughter who is saved by Jean ValBeeblebrox and marries Marius

Vogons/Voices - They are the second worst poets in the galaxy, and not terribly well off in terms of beauty, either. They're mean and vicious.

Townspeople/Chief - They're townspeople. He's their Chief.

Marius (Mar) - He marries Random. Incidentally, he's also the Chief's cousin's daughter's half-sister's friend's son. Just thought you'd like to know.

Mishka, Shishka, Bob - Marius' friends. Say the last two fast.

Petty Thugs (PT and PT2) - They're petty thugs. One of them is an audience member.

Gavroche - He's the Thénardier boy. Too bad he's not in the play.