September 14, 2001


The war we are about to begin is a war different from ant other we have yet fought. It is a war, not for territory nor control of a government, but a war for ideals, freedom, a way of life. It is a war that will not - must not- end any time soon. Terrorism, like, cancer, must be destroyed as soon as it is detected. We must always be vigilant, and never lapse into complacency. The coming war will be very difficult; the sides will be easily named, but the enemy will be difficult to spot. It will not be a war of nations, although nations will take sides. It will be a war between those who desire freedom and peace against those who desire death and control by fear.

No one on this planet can ignore this war. Although the majority is on one side, there are many who would help and hide these terrorists. No terrorist may escape. We must not let them. No one who would cause such fear, nor who would rule a people through fear, nor who would oppress a people, nor who would allow such a person or group to continue its activities, deserves a place in this world. (Those who wish to do so, talk to me and I'll figure out a way to ship you to Mars).

In terms of the future of our government, I feel that although our rights and freedoms will be different, I also feel that there will be many more in the years to come. I believe that it must be so, a strange juxtaposition of a military and democratic (republic) state.

It is a time of change. A new world. Many things will be different, but many things will remain the same.