September 22, 2001

In my last letter, I don't think that I mentioned everything that I had intended to. First, I would like to mention that caution is extremely important. Not caution to the point of inactivity, mind you, but careful analyzation of the facts. And appropriate, swift, decisive action when it is time. I understand that some of you are staunch pacifists. And some of you are eager for conflict. Neither in the extreme is appropriate for an entire culture.

Speaking of culture, the thing that has absolutely astounded me in the past week and a half is the union of all the different countries. Russia, Great Britain, China, and so on, all have sided with us. Why? In the past they were more or less indifferent. What has changed? I believe that, since the time of the last Trade Center bombing in 1993, we have developed more of a world culture. Certainly we have developed a world economy. I believe that the recent attacks have acted as a catalyst, transforming the world from what it was, a group of interacting yet largely disparate nations, into something new; something we haven't yet seen on this planet. We became a World. And although it will be a long time yet before we are fully unified, we have started down the path. I liken it to the transiton of the single-celled organism to a human being (or any other musti-celled animal or plant), although that isn't the best analogy. Before, each was seperate, working more or less on it's own to survive. Then, groups formed, collections of cells that were similar, working together to survive. Then certain cells began to specialize. Some became the heart, pumping valued nutriants to the other organs. There was a liver, filtering out the poison. And so forth.

When two (or more) nations fight a war, it can be considered like two (or more) people in physical combat. One tries to dominate the other, and in the end, one surrenders or is destroyed, leaving the other to continue. In cases where both are wiped out, there are, in any case, other people to continue on. Terrorism, I say again, is like a cancer. It is an attack on the entire organism itself, and can destroy the organism if it is not stopped in time. There are no outside forces in the war against cancer. There are no outside forces in the war against terrorism. We have a responsibility to the human organism, to Earth, our home, to take care of ourselves and each other, and our planet.

There is more involved here than simply terrorism. We are now a world organism. To survive, we have to take care of ourselves. There are no areas that are not affected. There must not be any more abuse of ourselves. There must no longer be a policy of "non-interference." Any violation harms us all.

Thank you